Interdisciplinary Health Research Team Grant

Four grants are available for up to $200,000 each over three years.  This program will fund applied research teams composed of researchers from multiple faculties working together to answer patient-focused research questions.  All projects should have the objectives of improved patient outcomes and healthcare sustainability.


  • Research teams must have a Co-leader from either a Faculty of Medicine or a Faculty of Pharmacy.  Other Co-leaders or team members can originate from a variety of faculties or disciplines including but not limited to medicine, pharmacy, business, nursing, economics, public health, public policy, nutrition, etc.
  • Co-leaders must be Canadian Citizens or permanent residents.
  • A minimum of two faculties must be represented on the research team.  Team members from differing faculties from another university would qualify.  There should be a relatively equal effort and resource distribution between the involved faculties to encourage truly interdisciplinary research.
  • Teams must demonstrate a diverse range of skills and experience to carry out the proposed research.
  • Projects must demonstrate how the applied research will achieve the objectives of improved patient outcomes and healthcare sustainability.
  • Projects must demonstrate a strong applied research component including a defined research question, approach, feasibility, expected outcomes and a knowledge translation plan.
  • Submissions must include a letter of support from a Dean of Medicine or a Dean of Pharmacy.
  • Input from patients and healthcare professionals must be incorporated into the research design to increase the chance of knowledge translation.  
  • Special consideration will be given to research teams if they are able to demonstrate a portion of the HRF funds could be matched by an additional funding partner.  This is not a requirement of funding.

Application Process

Application packages must be submitted by October 17th, 2014 to the HRF Executive Director.  A check list of application requirements and application forms are provided and must be submitted on or before the deadline.

Selection Process

Applications will be evaluated by the HRF Scientific Advisory Council before December 1, 2014.  Final decisions on award recipients are made by the HRF Board of Directors based on the ranking performed by the Scientific Advisory Council. The research teams will be notified of their success before December 19, 2014.  Location of the project may be considered to ensure a distribution of funds to universities in multiple provinces.

Use of Funds

These grants are intended to support the recipients in focusing their attention to the proposed research. Allowable expenses are those necessary to carry out the proposed project. They may include:

  • holding strategic planning sessions
  • hiring technical and/or support staff
  • supporting graduate students and other trainees
  • travel related to carrying out the proposed research
  • purchase of scientific materials, data and journals
  • Supplies and expendables
  • Costs associated with the publication of research results

Terms and Conditions of Funding

  • Selected researchers must submit a testimonial regarding the importance of the funding received or participate in other marketing activities which may be displayed on the HRF website.
  • Selected researchers must provide a statement of progress to the HRF after completion of each funded year of research.


Program Announcement May 15, 2014
Call for Applications September 1, 2014
Application Deadline    October 17, 2014
Peer Review Process October 17, 2014 - December 1, 2014
Award Notification    Due to overwhelming applications, we anticipate results January 30, 2015