Tamara Daly

York University

Cardiovascular Health Awareness Program for the South Asian Community in York Region: Assessing volunteer participation and the gender
and ethno-specific impacts

South Asians are known to have a significantly higher prevalence of hypertension than Caucasians. They are also at an elevated risk for premature coronary artery disease and are 3 to 5 times more likely to have diabetes than Caucasians due to an increased prevalence of abdominal obesity, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. The Cardiovascular Health Awareness Program is a community program designed to address modifiable risk factors to improve health at the population level. It has demonstrated effectiveness and cost-effectiveness within medium sized communities in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta.
With this research project, we want to work with a South Asian community to help find ways to prevent and manage chronic disease among its community. We propose to use a participatory research approach to adapt CHAP to the needs and realities of a South Asian community in the York region (Ontario) and develop, in partnership with the team’s knowledge users, an integrated knowledge translation plan to disseminate the findings in order to have an impact on programs and policy. We also propose to use quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate the outcomes of the adapted CHAP on population health and uptake of the program by the community.

The main research question of this project is: What adaptation strategies to the Cardiovascular Health Awareness Program (CHAP) should be put in place in order to successfully prevent and manage chronic disease among the South Asian community? More specifically, how can we address gender and ethno-specific impacts? What are the best strategies to optimize the recruitment, retention and health promotion role of peer health educators among the South Asian Community?

Our aim is to conduct an applied health services and policy research that will be useful to the South Asian community, and to decision-makers who share a desire to improve the health of that community.



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