Partnerships for Patients

New HRF investment in partnership for better outcomes, sustainable healthcare

This new HRF program provides three-year grants for partnership-driven applied research projects that aim to improve patient outcomes and healthcare sustainability. Featuring $1.7 million in funding for qualified projects between 2014 and 2016, this program strives to recognize the importance of public and private partnerships in creating innovative solutions for the better health of Canadians.

Requirements for funding:

  • Demonstrate how the applied research will achieve the objectives of improved patient outcomes and healthcare sustainability;
  • Applied research component should demonstrate a defined research question, approach, feasibility, expected outcomes and a knowledge translation plan.
  • Demonstrate partnerships with the healthcare leaders in industry, government and academia.

For industry partners, financial contributions should be provided by at least two Rx&D member companies. Industry representatives must have representation/input in both a governance and scientific capacity on the project.

For government partners, financial contributions should be provided by a provincial government or its designated research-funding agency. Government representatives must have input/representation in a governance capacity on the project.

For academia, representation/input in a research or advisory capacity on the project from a Canadian university must be demonstrated.

Additional partnerships with other key stakeholders (e.g., federal government, patient groups, hospitals) are very much encouraged.