Recognizing and investing in research excellence

Innovation and excellence: not only are these fundamental values on which we run the Health Research Foundation, they are qualities we look for in the research that we invest in. HRF programs have a proud history, dating back fifty years to when the Foundation was first established. Since then, these programs have contributed directly to improving patient outcomes, ensuring good public health, and helping to support a sustainable future for Canada’s health care system.

Just as important, HRF provides recognition to the incredible life sciences research and public policy contributions made in Canada, which result in better care around the world.

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How to apply for HRF program funding

Canadian researchers are invited to apply for HRF program-based research funding. Contact HRF’s Executive Director directly today for more details.



 HRF Medal of Honour

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Research Chair in Pandemic Preparedness

The Health Research Foundation of Innovative Medicines Canada invites applications for the Health Research Foundation of Innovative Medicines Canada Chair in Pandemic Preparedness Research.

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