HRF Launches Research Chair in Pandemic Preparedness

June 11, 2020


Health Research Foundation Launches Research Chair in Pandemic Preparedness

Ottawa, June 10, 2020 – The Health Research Foundation (HRF) of Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC) today announced details of the Health Research Foundation of Innovative Medicines Canada Chair in Pandemic Preparedness Research. IMC’s member companies have contributed $500,000 from the IMC COVID-19 Fund over three years, to support the work of an early-career researcher affiliated with a recognized academic institution.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the value of research, to planning and preparedness in Canada’s healthcare system,” said Mel Cappe, Chair of the HRF Board of Directors. “I am proud the HRF can support this crucial research through the generous contribution of the Canadian innovative pharmaceutical industry.”

The HRF has long supported research excellence and facilitated world-class scientists to work on the discoveries and innovations that keep our communities healthy, our economy thriving and enhance Canada’s health system sustainability. The creation of a research chair dedicated to pandemic preparedness, as well as to the role of healthcare and the healthcare sector in sustaining and growing our economy, will contribute to helping Canada look ahead to the next public health crisis and will ensure our country is well-prepared to effectively respond and recover.

“Investing in a research chair is one of the many ways our member companies are contributing to the fight against COVID-19,” said IMC President Pamela Fralick. “In addition to researching potential vaccines and treatments for the virus, we hope we can contribute to public policy and help Canadians prepare to tackle the next public health crisis.”

The HRF will issue call for applications in the coming days, along with guidelines which further articulate the scope of the research chair. The application form will also be available on the HRF website. A Selection Committee comprised of life sciences experts will review all submitted applications and make its selection of the successful applicant in summer 2020. 


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